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C Because life is a moment
                                                  Marko Bilic
 Founder  and President  of  Club Mareva
 and Cigar Smoking World Championship
Winner of Cigar Trophy Award for Cigar Ambassador of the World  2015  
  igar Club  Mareva is a love  child born out of a fiftin year  passion and love towards the  cigar. It              transforms time into moments of pleasure, genuine and refined, in which senses are stimulated by a touch of the best. Because of these reasons, humane and selfless, the desire to share the contents of our treasure chest with people became inevitable.
Especially today, when the rythm of life steals our time and takes us away from ourselves, the cigar is not only the smoke in our mouth. It is a break in time that allows us to stop, feel the moment and its importance amidst the transience of life. It is an evaluation of time through a ritual in which we regale ourselves not only with pleasure, but with the peace that gives us time for thought. Of course, it is the taste that follows us even long after a long night with our fondest friends, as a memory of moments past. Yes, it is all that, and it is almost as if its very essence is the moment it wishes to reward us with.


               arko Bilic was recognized trough his work,                 efforts,passion and enthusiasm  to be best                Cigar ambassador  on the World.  With founding Cigar Smoking World Championship concept of cigar events he helped to  Cigar World and community  to be more united.  After  6 years that Cigar Smoking World Championship exist and after  all  that years Club Mareva achieved amazing results -  150 International visitors and guests from more than 25 different countries. Amazing fact that Cigar Smoking World Championship is only cigar festival on the World which  gathering the biggest number of  Cigar Clubs  at one  place. In 2015 finals in Split there was representatives from 12 different cigar clubs from 11 different countries. While all other big cigar festivals are mostly focus on cigar producers, Cigar Smoking World Championship is focus on famous producers and high positioned guests from  civil cigar community (Cigar Clubs). On that way Club Mareva is very active in coordination with other World Cigar Clubs in active problems of cigar community specially according fighting for  rights of  cigar smokers. During all this years Cigar Smoking World Championship due to huge interest started to organize Qualification events all around the World. All famous clubs, shops and restaurants hosting our events in most famous capitals of the World - from New York, trough London, Paris, Rome  to the Moscow and many other cities. All that was enough reason that most famous cigar magazine Cigar Journal  who is owner of the most prestigious cigar award - Cigar Trophy - awarded Mr  Marko Bilic for the Cigar ambassador of  the World.

Cigar ambassador of the World